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With the establishment of the Max-Planck-Zentrum für Physik und Medizin (MPZPM) in Erlangen, we have opened a new chapter of “Physics and Medicine” where physics plays an integral and indispensable role in understanding life and what leads to anomalies and, thus, disease. MPZPM is an interdisciplinary joint research center run by Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Erlangen University Hospital (UKER) and Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (MPL). Read more...



MPZPM hosts a combination of tenured and nontenured principal investigators who cover various areas of research at the interface of physics and medicine. Until the move into the MPZPM building, the groups are housed at MPL (Guck, Sandoghdar, Singh), Dept. of Mathematics at FAU (Zaburdaev), Institute for Medical Technology, FAU (Franze) and Optical Imaging Center Erlangen (OICE, Dulin).

Horizon Award for Leonhard Möckl

The British Royal Society of Chemistry has awarded a research team for their work on the protective sugar coat of cells, which included the scientist...

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Ministerpräsident Markus Söder und MPZPM-Sprecher Vahid Sandoghdar präsentieren die Zeitkapsel, die mit Gegenständen aus der Forschung gefüllt ist.

„Ecosystem for Ideas and Creativity”: Laying of the foundation stone for the new Max-Planck-Zentrum für Physik und Medizin

Construction phase of the innovative, interdisciplinary research institute in Erlangen begins. Minister-President and Minister of Economic Affairs...

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Fluorescent soft beads passing through the narrowing channels of a biochip. Photo: MPZPM, Salvatore Girardo

Efficiently smuggling drugs into cells

A new, patented method called Progressive Mechanoporation makes it possible to mechanically disrupt the membranes of cells for a short time period and...

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Spokesperson of the Scientific Board
Prof. Dr. Vahid Sandoghdar

Please contact:
Julia Graßer (PA)
Staudtstraße 2
91058 Erlangen
Email: julia.grasser@mpl.mpg.de
Phone: +49 9131 7133 301


Head of Infrastructure
Dr. Dorothe Burggraf

Please contact:
Lisa Spann (PA)
Staudtstraße 2
91058 Erlangen
Email: lisa.spann@mpl.mpg.de
Phone: +49 9131 7133 801

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